Burger King X-Box Games Go Double-Platinum

(via Joystiq and Gamasutra)

“What burger-backed trio of minigames reached the 2-million-in-sales mark faster than Gears of War (the fastest-selling Xbox-exclusive ever)? That’s right … Burger King’s Value Meal threesome! Well, technically, 2 million is the number of combined sales (of the three games: Pocketbike Racer, Big Bumpin’, and Sneak King); and each is only $3.99 with the purchase of a (BK Value) meal.”

“Gamasutra recently conducted an interview with Blitz Games’ Philip Oliver (the game developer) in which he spoke in detal about the Burger King advergame deal, noting: “Well, I think Burger King obviously has been looking at the fact that they’re trying to connect with today’s youth, and that means gamers, fundamentally.”

What it means: what a great way to rejuvenate your brand image while targeting an age group that’s difficult to reach.


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