Top 10 Trends from the Mobile World Congress

As this week’s Mobile World Congress slowly winds down (tomorrow’s the last day), I thought it was appropriate to summarize the top 10 trends of the conference as identified by Infoworld magazine.

Mobile World Congress 2008 Barcelona

  1. GPS on board. Amongst the manufacturers, Nokia “plans to sell 35 million phones with GPS” this year.
  2. Better cameras with “face detection, image stabilization, and the ability to take better pictures in the dark”.
  3. Linux. Google Android prototypes. ’nuff said.
  4. Movies on your phone.
  5. Geotagging that “combines built-in support for navigation and photography. When you take a picture, your location is also saved. Then you can overlay that information on services like Google Maps and see where you’ve been.”
  6. Windows Mobile. “Four out of five of the biggest phone makers have phones based on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile operating system”
  7. High-speed mobile Internet
  8. Wi-Fi on board.
  9. FM transmitters.
  10. Touch-based interfaces.

What it means: phones are becoming more and more like mini-portable computers and trying to be at the center of your mobile life. In addition, more GPS on board and the geotagging functionality are very exciting stuff for a local search freak like me! I was also intrigued by the better face detection. Expect a day where you can take a picture of someone and, with his/her permission, become a “friend” in a social network…


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