James Surowiecki in Montreal!

James Surowiecki, of The Wisdom of Crowds fame, will be presenting at the Infopresse360 conference in Montreal on February 27. You can get a sample of what he’s going to be talking about in this video but the general pitch is:

Intelligence alone does not make it possible to grasp all facets of a problem, or examine it from all sides. The author will show that groups are better than individuals when it comes to tackling organizational problems. Acclaimed speaker James Surowiecki will explain his thesis that mass collective wisdom is the best way to move businesses, the economy, communities and nations forward.”

James Surowiecki

What it means: I saw James Surowiecki at the Google Zeitgeist conference in 2005 and it was brilliant. I highly recommend it! As an added bonus, you’ll get to hear one of my former undergrad teachers Stephane Gauvin talking about “Building Relationships in the Social Web Era”. You can get your tickets here.


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