Mary Meeker at Web 2.0 Summit: Top 8 Technology & Internet Trends

If, like me, you live on the bleeding edge of web technology, you will appreciate reading (and watching) Mary Meeker’s technology & internet trends presentation from this year’s Web 2.0 Summit. Her Powerpoint “decks” always sum up nicely everything that’s going on in our world.

Mary Meeker Web2Summit

Photograph copyright Pınar Özger

Her current technology trends:

  1. Tech stock performance strong reflecting future expectations – for now
  2. Consumer demand for Internet-enabled services / products is strong
  3. Innovation in wireless products is accelerating
  4. Storage needs continue to ramp
  5. Data center growth is robust
  6. Emerging markets pacing next wave of technology adoption
  7. Enterprises may be coming out of relative purchasing funk
  8. Recession(s) = very serious potential challenge

Her current internet trends:

  1. Strong Internet user growth – fastest in non-US markets
  2. Strong broadband growth – with more upside
  3. Search continues to improve as content access tool
  4. Ongoing share gains to online from offline – large markets to tap
  5. Turf wars increasing – core / emerging businesses + M&A
  6. High level Web 2.0 trends are compelling
  7. Software as a service (SaaS) momentum = strong + broad-based
  8. Emerging Internet-enabled devices gaining traction

More details can be found in the actual presentation document and you can watch her speech here.


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