Tombstones and Mobile Phones

This video shows an interesting use of mobile phones in Japan. By embedding a QR code in tombstones, visitors can use their mobile phone to access additional information about the deceased. These stones are made by Ishinokoe.

QR Code Tombstone

(sent to me by Pascal Cardinal)

What it means: mobile + physical objects can lead to interesting, think-out-of-the-box ideas. I believe we’ve only scratched the surface of future “local” innovation.


2 thoughts on “Tombstones and Mobile Phones

  1. love this. An interesting evolution of this concept – as we continue to leave digital breadcrumbs connected to physical objects (e.g. Yelp Reviews of a restaurant) our descendants will be able to set their mobile devices to detect whenever they are near a place that we had a connection to – and display whatever we posted about that place. In a way it will be like we never left. Our digital ghosts will always be around saying stuff like “great pizza!” & “lousy service!”.

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