Geolocation in Firefox 3.5: It's Coming!

Firefox 3.5 is on the verge of being released and it will include geolocation. According to this post, “Firefox 3.5 includes a simple JavaScript API that allows you to quickly geo-enable your web application. It allows users to optionally share their location with websites without having to type in a postal code.” Firefox will use local WiFi networks and IP address information to try to guess the user’s location.

How will it work? According to Doug Turner, one of the geo-location feature developers, “This feature is completely opt-in! If you don’t do anything, geolocation is never used. When a web page wants ask you for your location, you get an dialog similar to the one below. If you do nothing, the feature stays off by default. Only if you press “Tell them”, will you send out your location information.”

firefox geolocation-small

What it means: in 35 days, Firefox 3.5 will be available for download (you can find the beta version here) and will provide access to geolocation data. I believe this is the beginning of a brave new local world online and every major site will try to provide a local view for their users. Is your site ready?


2 thoughts on “Geolocation in Firefox 3.5: It's Coming!

  1. Main St. Web (a Praized install) does that already! 😉

    I do wonder, though, if I’ll be able to manually set/override my location. IP-based geolocation has enormous trouble properly locating me due to (I’ve been told) Bell’s complex routing. If it “finds” me at all, I’m as likely to be in Quebec City as Cambridge.

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