The Importance of Local in Potato Chips

[praized subtype=”small” pid=”0b448fbc6812e7a11ba8e6a1f3f224a608″ type=”badge” dynamic=”true”] will unveil an unlikely marketing strategy for its Lay’s brand chips that focuses on the 80 “local” farmers from 27 states who grow the potatoes used to make its chips. In a new world of better-for-you food concerns, it’s not about chips being fun to eat. It’s about chips being local.

And trackable. A tech toy at dubbed Chip Tracker will let folks see where any bag of chips was made. Type in the first three digits of the product code on the bag and your ZIP code and out pops the location of the plant.

via Frito-Lay pitches its Lay’s potato chips as locally made –

What it means: someone recently said “local is the new organic” and this product intiative at Frito-Lay clearly embraces this new mantra.


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