DemoCamp Montreal 3 Scheduled for July 24

The next Montreal DemoCamp (DemoCamp 3) is scheduled for July 24th at 6:30pm at the SAT.

Presently registered to present:

  1. Nicolas Ritoux — announcing a new project
  2. Heri » OpenSpace
  3. Carl Mercier — Demo’ing
  4. Simon Law — Building a counter-clock
  5. Jerome Paradis & Francois Aubin — A new project
  6. Er Shen — Online Publication
  7. Mitch Cohen — Introducing ClixConnect to Montreal
  8. David Xu — Introducing Podbean – publishing, searching, subscribing podcasts in one place
  9. Francois Magnan — Demo’ing BrainCuts, a multimedia aggregator Categorical Design Solutions

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