Random Data Points from DDC07 (Live @ DDC07)

I’m just coming out of the last session of this year’s DDC conference organized by the Kelsey Group. Again, a very good conference with interesting topics and multiple networking opportunities. Here are some random data points from the various speech and panels I heard in the last two days.

  • Print media still represents 90% of total directory industry revenues
  • 60% of SMEs do at least half of their business with other businesses
  • 21% of SMEs have embraced cell phones and VOIP lines (instead of the traditional phone company land line)
  • 34% of SMEs ad budget is dedicated to online media (including web site expenditures)
  • Automotive represents 60% of Trader Corp’s revenues (Trader Canada)
  • Jingle: at least 90% of their revenues come from national advertisers. 5% of their queries are category-based. They have close to 100,000 advertisers.
  • White Directory Publishers will generate $3-4M in online video revenues in 2008.
  • The optimal length for an online local video ad is 45 seconds.