Starting to Structure "Location" on Twitter

Found in Stowe Boyd’s blog:

Hashtags (Twitter tags) were proposed by Chris Messina, and in use by Chris, me, and others before tools existed to do much with them, aside from search. In similar fashion, I am proposing a new sort of microstructure, just a little bit ahead of tools to support it.

The idea is similar to tags: use a distinctive character to set off some microstructured metadata, although in this case, the metadata is location, and the character is ‘/’, the slash.

He gives as examples:

Just landed at /JFK

hanging at /Starbucks, 93 Greenwich Ave, NYC/

What it means: the same way that hashtags (#) are helping to structure and organize concepts on Twitter and other social networks, Boyd proposes to create a new “standard” around the use of / in short-form messages to help organize the information around “location”.  As he discloses, “I write this post with a ulterior motives, since I am involved in the development of a Twitter appliance, called Thweres, that will exploit location information of the form proposed here” So, I’m really curious to see what Boyd is up to and if this proposal takes off.