Eniro Signs Content Deal with Google

Google Maps -  Eniro content

The Eniro Group and Google have signed an agreement for an expanded partnership. The new agreement means that company information from Eniro will also be visible on Google Maps, Google’s local map service, which is launched today in Sweden.

“Expanding the partnership with Google is part of our continuing effort to enhance online advertisers’ visibility and increase the value of their participation in our channels. We are very pleased to have signed this agreement,” says Tomas Franzén, President and CEO of Eniro.

Google and Eniro have had a partnership since 2003 through which Eniro’s web searches are based on Google’s web indexing. Google is also a partner for paid search.

(via company press release)

Update: the Google Maps blog has the news.

What it means: in a fragmented online world, make sure your content is pushed in front of users, wherever they are. The Walled Garden era is clearly over. Great move by Eniro.


EADP Conference: Eniro and User-Generated Content

Barcelona Arts Hotel

At the EADP conference last week, I had the chance to listen to a great presentation by my friend Christer Pettersson from Eniro, the Nordic Countries directory publisher. Their online strategy has always been very progressive but this presentation has convinced me that they are amongst the most innovative directory publishers worldwide.

Here are the highlights:

  • They’ve introduced moderated reviews and ratings within their directory site a year ago with great success. They want this database to become a new competitive advantage that cannot be easily replicated by competition. They offer an opt out for merchants who don’t want it but very few have done it. Some advertisers even include their review scores within their print ad! Users love it.
  • They now offer free user-generated classifieds
  • Eniro acquired 50% of Bubblare.se, the Swedish YouTube. They’re placing a bet on the explosion of online video advertising and want users and advertisers to upload videos.
  • They want to encourage tagging
  • They want people to upload pictures and are introducing picture navigation
  • They want users to update/improve their residential listings
  • They’ve launched a corporate blog

Update: just before publishing this post, I received news that Eniro had acquired Krak.dk for 400M DKK ($72M). According to what I’m reading (my Danish is quite poor…), Krak.dk is one of the leading local search and mapping site in Denmark.

What it means: Eniro has clearly decided they would experiment with all sorts of Web 2.0 applications and features within their network of sites. Kudos!

Eniro Buys 48.1 Percent of Bubblare.se, a Video Site

Found on TheLocal.se:

Eniro has acquired 48.1% of the shares in Netclips AB, which owns Sweden’s answer to YouTube, bubblare.se. Eniro, the leading search company on the Nordic market, will also receive an option to acquire the remaining 51.9% of the shares. At bubblare.se, users can view others’ home videos and upload their own. Traffic figures released in September showed that Bubblare.se had up to 30 times more viewers for Scandinavian film clips than YouTube.

“We see exciting opportunities in video communities, video searches and video advertising. With this acquisition, we can increase the dynamic content of our services, primarily on our portals, but also in search services, such as eniro.se. Bubblare.se is a popular site in Sweden and will generate additional traffic to Eniro’s other services,” said Cecilia Geijer, Vice President of Eniro, in a statement.

Bubblare.se was started on September 1, 2006 and is also established in Norway, Finland and Denmark. The site operates along the same lines as YouTube. The only difference is the language.

What it means: Eniro, the directory publisher from the Nordic Countries, strikes again and acquires a user-generated video site. Given that they also operate a popular search engine & portal, this makes complete sense. But I think they’ve clearly positioned themselves in the very hot online video advertising market. As Michael Taylor from the Kelsey Group blog says: “While many think of YouTube and other mainstream video sites such as Yahoo! as the most likely vehicles for online video, why couldn’t online Yellow Pages emerge as a leader?”. I think Eniro made a very forward-thinking acquisition. Bravo!