Saying Goodbye to Acquisio

5002318500_e8a4a2919c_zPhoto by Kellan / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

In 2015, I was approached by Acquisio to take on the role of VP Product to help the company make the transition to the local and SMB space. Another important element of my mandate was to better structure the product management team, a team that had recently started working in an agile context. I was also looking to gain experience managing a large team in a more mature technology environment. It was a perfect match between my skill set/experience/career interest and the company’s needs.

As a seasoned senior startup executive, I get approached all the time by headhunters or startup founders, but as you probably know, not all opportunities are born equal. You turn down a lot and refer these people to your talented friends/contacts. A few weeks ago, I was approached for a new role. Turns out it was the opportunity “you can’t say no to”. I won’t go into more details right now, but I can tell you Friday November 4 will be my last day at Acquisio.

I had a great time at Acquisio. I learned a lot and I extensively contributed to the organization. Thank you to the founders for your trust, my c-level colleagues and my amazing product team. You guys rock!

I’m very excited about what comes next. Stay tuned for my new role announcement in the next few days.


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