In San Francisco Next Week for the BIA/Kelsey Conference

Next week, I will be attending the BIA/Kelsey ILM West conference in San Francisco. As always, they’ve put together a great line-up of speakers. Here are the presentations/keynotes I’m most looking forward to:

Day 1: Monday, Dec. 12

  • The opening keynote with Bob Pittman, CEO, Clear Channel Media Holdings. Always interested in hearing from radio station executives, curious about their Internet strategy.
  • The interview with Kara Swisher, Co-Executive Editor at the Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital.  I want to know what she thinks of “local” and “local/social”. I am also curious about her point of views on local traditional media’s Internet strategy and execution.
  • The unveiling of the “Wave XV” of the Local Commerce Monitor. Always a lot of exciting data points.
  • The “New Wave of Local Lead Generation” panel
  • The “Facebook Next: Leveraging the Platform for Local” panel

Day 2: Tuesday, Dec. 13

  • The special comScore Research presentation on “The Data on Local Usage”
  • The presentation from Court Cunningham (CEO at Yodle), on “The Top-Level View on Local Sales”
  • The afternoon keynote with Matt Idema, Director of Monetization Product Marketing at Facebook

Day 3: Wednesday, Dec. 14

  • The fireside chats on Local Media Transformation with Mok Oh, Chief Scientist, PayPal and Bo Fishback, CEO and Cofounder, Zaarly
  • The last panel on The Future of SoLoMo

You can get a special $200 rebate if you signup with the discount code SEB

If you want to connect at the event (or in San Francisco), ping me at seb AT


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