2010's Most Important Events in Local/Social

Like last year, Mike Blumenthal asked me for my thoughts on what were the most important events in “local” in 2010. I obliged and Mike put together a blog post with my answers. In a nutshell, they are:

  1. The launch of Twitter Places
  2. Foursquare’s growth
  3. Facebook launches Places
  4. The launch of the iPad
  5. The rise of Groupon and the explosion of the daily offers space
  6. Groupon rejects Google’s purchase offer

Head up to Mike’s blog to read the rest of my post.


One thought on “2010's Most Important Events in Local/Social

  1. Nice lookback on noteables for local in 2010.

    In December, I heard Bruce Clay say something to the effect on a recent SEM Synergy Podcast that Google local/global search is something like 20/80 but that in the near future, he sees that flipping to 80/20 for local/global. You are already starting to see it as Google broadens the terms it interprets with local search intent, regardless of whether a location is used in some cases in the query or not. Just search for “optometrist” and you will see what I mean. The Google 7 pack is the place to be in 2011 and beyond IMHO.

    Local search, for services businesses with in-person delivery, is the foundation of a solid search strategy since their market is limited and often competition for the top 7 spots if fierce!


    Rick Noel

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