A List of Web Analytics / Google Analytics Experts in Montreal

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Following a tweet I sent early yesterday morning to try to build a list of Web Analytics / Google Analytics experts offering their services in Montreal, here are some names of consultants and companies in that field. Please note the following:

  • This list is probably not exhaustive. If I’m missing anyone, I apologize in advance. You can let me know in the comments and I’ll update my post.
  • This is not an endorsement of any of the people/companies on my part, just a alphabetical order list of names (and contact information) that were suggested to me.
  • People privately suggested to me analytics experts that work inside large organizations that do not resell their analytics services. I chose to leave those individual names out of the list to avoid poaching.

1) Adviso (Google Analytics Certified Partners )

2) Adapt or Die Marketing (suggested by Pier-Luc Petitclerc)

3) Bell Web Solutions

4) Eric Baillargeon

5) Cossette / Magnet Search Marketing (Google Analytics Certified Partners )

6) Justin Cutroni (he’s in Burlington, Vermont but that’s close enough to Montreal) (Google Analytics Certified Partner)

7) NVI (Google Analytics Certified Partners )

8 ) Ressac Media (Google Analytics Certified Partners )

  • Their main Web site
  • The description of their analytics offer
  • Contact: @ressacmedia on Twitter or getinfo(AT)ressacmedia.com
  • Address: 305 Bellechasse, # 302, Montréal, 514.843.7029

9) Jacques Warren (WAO Marketing)

10) W.illli.am (Google Analytics Certified Partners)


As soon as I published my blog post, I got the following suggestions:

11) Herman Tumurcuoglu

12) AT Internet

  • Their main Web site
  • Their analytics product
  • Contact:  Alexandre Métier, alexandre.metier(AT)atinternet.com or Fehmi Fennia, fehmi.fennia(AT)atinternet.com
  • Address: 33 rue Prince, Montréal, 514 658 3571

13) Samuel Lavoie (Google Analytics Individual Qualification)

14) Stéphane Hamel

15) Alistair Croll

16) Sean Power

17) Nofolo

18) DevRun

For the complete list of Google Analytics Certified Partners outside of Montreal (or the latest up-to-date list of Montreal partners), visit the Google Analytics web site.


8 thoughts on “A List of Web Analytics / Google Analytics Experts in Montreal

  1. Hi,

    Just a little self-promotion here. Bell Web Solutions is also part of the Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultant Network, every member is Omniture Certified and Individually Qualified in Google Analytics.

    Rommil Santiago
    Web Analytics Consultant
    Bell Canada

  2. Thanks so much Seb for the mention… just one thing for your readers, we’re also WOAC (and it’s not the name of a decease) 😉

    but I’m pretty impressed to see this beautiful industry here.. very well described.

    have fun & see ya !


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