The DealMap Launches, Aggregates "Deals" Atoms

The DealMap logo

I’m late covering the launch of The Dealmap, a site that aggregates local deals from companies like, Foursquare and others and enable consumers to search for them locally (and see them visually on a map).


Highlights from their release:

  • More than 300,000 local deals aggregated (US and UK, although I did find some in Montreal, Canada)
  • Daily deal alerts (e-mail and Twitter)
  • Gaming elements (badges, leaderboard, etc.)
  • Publicly available APIs for its unique local deal data
  • iPhone application soon to be released

The Dealmap is owned and operated by Center’d Corporation.

What it means: I like this new product because I think it illustrates perfectly the fact that every new business ecosystem creates third party opportunities. In this case, we’re starting to see a profusion of daily deals and rebate/coupon sites. Each of these daily deals is in fact a business model “atom” (read my other posts on atomization). Companies like Groupon have atomized their business models and many others are doing the same thing. Products like The DealMap aggregates these atoms to create a new way of discovering content, while spreading the original business model.


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