Upgraded GPS Will Bring us Closer to the Local Wide Web

The Los Angeles Times has an interesting article on the revamping of the GPS system. It will lead to an improved experience:

The new system is designed to pinpoint someone’s location within an arm’s length, compared with a margin of error of 20 feet or more today. With that kind of precision, a GPS-enabled mobile phone could guide you right to the front steps of Starbucks, rather than somewhere on the block.

via GPS is getting $8-billion upgrade – latimes.com.

What it means: this news should make local search geeks drool in anticipation, although we won’t see the results for a little while. As the article says “The 24 satellites that make up the GPS constellation (…) will be replaced one by one. The first replacement was scheduled to be launched from Cape Canaveral this weekend. The overhaul will take a decade…” But if you thought the World Wide Web wasn’t becoming the Local Wide Web, think again.


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