Millenials: Technology Unites People

Catching up on old magazines, I found this interesting quote in the March 22nd issue of Time Magazine re: the relationship between millenials (defined as the generation born between 1982 and 1995) and their parents:

But we miss the point, warns social historian Neil Howe, if we weigh only how technology shapes a generation and not the other way around. The millennials were raised in a cocoon, their anxious parents afraid to let them go out in the park to play. So should we be surprised that they learned to leverage technology to build community, tweeting and texting and friending while their elders were still dialing long-distance? They are the most likely of any generation to think technology unites people rather than isolates them, that it is primarily a means of connection, not competition.

via Generation Next – TIME.

What it means: as I thought, it looks like millenials are using technology to create communities and get closer (and not the other way around as some people might decode). I especially like the explanation about fearful parents. Useful to understand the current demographics wave and its impact on “social media”.


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