Does Social Infrastructure Belong in the Browser?

In essence, everything that Facebook announced at F8 ultimately belongs in the browser, not through a single connection to a proprietary service. And the great thing is that not only is that the better solution for proponents of the open web, but it’s also even easier than Facebook for users of the browsers that eventually gain these features. Facebook has always won the war for identity based on convenience, but nothing is more convenient than the tools built in to my browser of choice.

via Intridea Blog: Facebook is the Private Beta of the Semantic Web.

What it means: More thoughts on this week’s Facebook announcements. I suspect we will see two social “standards” emerge: Facebook and an open one. This begs the question: “where does Twitter fit in?”. I need to think about that some more.

Update re: Twitter. Dave Winer suggests Twitter could lead the “open” charge.


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