to Broadcast Coupons on Twitter

SuperMedia announced last Thursday a very interesting use of Twitter to broadcast coupons. From the release (.pdf): today announced the launch of a new initiative on Twitter to drive more leads to its business listings. At no cost to the business owner, is distributing thousands of coupons it houses from its local business listings to 72 city-specific accounts on Twitter.

What it means: I really like this. I think this is a really neat idea to provide more visibility to merchants. I like the fact that they created “local” Twitter channels to make it more user relevant. That’s best practice definitely. I’m a bit disappointed that the coupons are free as I think they are leaving money on the table there. I believe coupons are perfect to monetize the real-time Web and given them away for free undermines future value. We have to assume then this is either a strategy to get merchants to claim their listings to be able to up-sell them later or a content strategy to improve user relevancy. In the context of a content strategy, I would also find third party local coupons and broadcast them in the Twitter feeds. Overall, this the beginning of a very interesting social media initiative at SuperMedia.


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