Print Map Design Influenced by the Web

Map2 is a zoomable paper map of London, UK. Yes, zoomable. Yes, print map. See the video here (helpful to understand how the map works).

zoomable map of London

It’s sold at these stores in London:

[praized subtype=”small” pid=”5c753c89d9aaa859ab204b0d0256f6df” type=”badge” dynamic=”true”]

[praized subtype=”small” pid=”2d296b5c3666533856d86eea968c0b95″ type=”badge” dynamic=”true”]

[praized subtype=”small” pid=”1ba3f9fa9ab87b38dcef91a27c39526e” type=”badge” dynamic=”true”]

What it means: The Web has created new user standards and improved consumption of various offline content. In this example, a paper map can be “zoomed in” by folding and unfolding it. I’ve always said traditional media should look at user behavior on the Web, learn from it and improve their offline product. This is a great example.


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