Nominated for a 2010 SEMMY Award!

2010 SEMMY Nominee 

I’m ecstatic! I just learned that I’ve been nominated for a SEMMY award in the “Local Search” category for my I Have Seen the Future of Local Media blog post. 

From the web site, “The SEMMYS are an annual awards event started in 2008 to honor the great content produced across the search and online marketing industry.” They reward “the year’s best post in search engine marketing”.

I’ve very happy to be nominated alongside industry luminaries like Chris Silver Smith, Matt McGee, Steve Espinosa, Bill Slawski, David Mihm, Gregg Stewart, Mike Blumenthal, Andrew Shotland and Greg Sterling (amongst others).

Public voting on the finalists is just around the corner and I’ll let you know when it’s happening.


8 thoughts on “Nominated for a 2010 SEMMY Award!

  1. What a surprise! NOT! Congrats Sebastian! Well deserved. I’ve known you for years and yes in deed, you are gold when it comes to seeing the future. But did you see this nomination comming? Hum!

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