MySpace Opens Up Their Real-Time Activity Stream to Developers

Mike Jones, COO, MySpace, and Monica Keller, Group Architect, stepped on stage right after Twitter. It was a tough act to follow given Twitter’s growth (and Facebook’s for that matter) but they still managed to announce exciting things. MySpace is opening up its real-time activity stream unrestricted using push technology with no time delay. The first three partners are Google, OneRiot, and Groovy Networks. They also announced a few other improvements to their API, the details of which are on their corporate blog.

They also announced a developer challenge starting in January. More details will be found soon in their developer section. MySpace currently has 110M users each month and 46 million events are published in the activity stream every day.

Additional information:

ReadWriteWeb: “Myspace Opens Floodgates: Developers Get API for Real-Time Stream”

Techcrunch: “MySpace Launches New Set Of Realtime APIs With Google, OneRiot And Groovy”


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