Mobile to be Key in Real-Time Future

Here is the trend line: We are becoming accustomed to using our phones in-the-moment to answer all manner of questions (from nearby movie times to the name of the last Steven Soderbergh film). This small behavioral change has enormous consequences as more and more of our physical world finds its “data-doppleganger” online

via When Your IPhone Knows Everything –

What it means: mobile devices will play a big role as tools to access the real-time world. We’re already seeing it when you look at mobile usage for sites like Facebook or Twitter. Facebook has 65 million active users on mobile (25% of their worldwide reach) and these users are 50% more active than the general Facebook population. Expect people to want and be able to reach their social graph (their network of “friends”) while on the move, to be able to ask questions and solve problems.


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