Introducing iPraized, the Praized-Powered iPhone Application

I’m very happy to announce today the launch of iPraized, the iPhone application built on the Praized platform. The idea of this simple mobile application is to show that anyone can use the Praized platform API to build their own Local / Social mobile applications for any mobile platform. Our customers can work with any internal or external developers to leverage the whole Praized technology stack in a mobile environment. We can also work on turnkey projects with world-class mobile developers in our network.

Here’s how the iPraized iPhone app works:

1) The application will try to determine your physical location using the built-in iPhone geo-location functionality.

2) You can then find places around you based on keyword/category/business name search.


3) Following your search, the application returns relevant local results near you.


4) Users can then select the place they were looking for.


5) and visit the profile page showing the basic information about the place (name, address, phone number, number of people who have “praized” the place, the tags and the map). Users can then “vote up” (to show their appreciation) or “vote down” (if they didn’t have a good experience). You can also leave a comment and share the place with your friends.


6) Users can also find more information about the merchant by visiting our partners in Canada and in the US.


7) Each user has a profile page showing their activity stream.

This is just one example of what can be done  with our application stack. Source code will be made available soon. We’d like to thank Mirego who worked with us to develop the application.

Download it here!


5 thoughts on “Introducing iPraized, the Praized-Powered iPhone Application

  1. I am very happy that Ipraized Application is finally on
    the App store.

    Some of us use a Ipod Touch and this Application makes
    the use of a microphone which my Ipod Touch does not have.

    This is sad cause I was waiting to install this App.

    Hopefully in up incoming version it will be Ipod Touch

    Regards Robert

  2. @Robert this sounds like a bug. The application does not need the microphone. We’re investigating.

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