Official Blogger at LeWeb '09 in Paris

It’s with great pleasure I learned last week that I had been selected to be an official blogger at the LeWeb ’09 conference, the premier European Web conference. The event is happening at [praized subtype=”small” pid=”b44254447aed6b42765cc875bed21f46″ type=”badge” dynamic=”true”] in Paris on December 9th and 10th.

As the theme for the 2009 LeWeb Program is “Real-Time Web”, I think it’s going to be a very exciting and timely event. This year’s program will address such topics as:

  • Who will win the Twitter vs. Facebook battle?
  • How are the other giants Google, Microsoft and MySpace reacting?
  • How does this impact mobile and iPhone usage and development?
  • Where are the opportunities for entrepreneurs in the real-time ecosystem?
  • How brands and marketing have to adapt to this new worldwide real time “word of mouth”.
  • What is the new public customer service?
  • How do media and news sources reinvent themselves, or embrace the phenomenon and profit from it.

You can see the list of world-class speakers here. If you’re in Europe, I think the event is a must. If you’re based in North America and you believe (like me) that the future of the Web is in “real-time”, Le Web is probably a good event for you also. You can get a 10% discount if you use the following code: BLOG09.

LeWeb'09 - Register Now


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