Yellow Pages Group Introduces Print Opt-out Mechanism

I missed the announcement when it came out a few weeks ago but [praized subtype=”small” pid=”7ac08d444f37191c8a97699e6530751c” type=”badge” dynamic=”true”] (YPG), Canada’s largest directory publisher, has introduced what they call a “custom delivery program”. This new program, part of their EcoInitiatives, allows consumers to receive more print Yellow Pages directory copies or to be removed from the distribution list. To do it, people can go online to or contact YPG’s Distribution Call Centre at 1-800-268-5637.

For the US market, consumers can go to This new national service, powered by the Yellow Pages Association, was launched two weeks ago.

What it means: smart move by YPG and the Yellow Pages Association. In my personal opinion, consumers that do not want to receive the print version of the local business directory are still a minority (usage of print directories is still very high) but it’s a very vocal minority. Giving those consumers the choice makes complete sense. For my Canadian readers, if you’re thinking of opting out, don’t opt-out completely. Keep at least the delivery of the Yellow Pages Neighborhood directory. In my neighborhood, because of the locally-relevant rich content, I find it is still a very useful product to find merchants.


6 thoughts on “Yellow Pages Group Introduces Print Opt-out Mechanism

  1. Salut Sébastien,

    Ton analyse est tout à fait juste et ne se limite pas au Canada.
    S’il est vrai que dans les zones où le haut débit, on entend de plus en plus de personnes s’étonner de la distribution des annuaires ; il n’en demeure pas moins vrai que l’usage de la version papier est toujours courant. Même s’il tend à diminuer petit à petit.

  2. La politique “vie privée” se trouve dans le formulaire même et stipule: “Tous les renseignements personnels obtenus dans le cadre du Programme de distribution personnalisée seront réunis et transmis à l’un des sous-traitants de Groupe Pages Jaunes dans le but de traiter la demande de livraison et de s’y conformer. Lesdits renseignements personnels ne seront utilisés à aucune autre fin.”

    Carlos Carpio
    Directeur, site Web et communications de l’entreprise

  3. Is this the same Yellow Pages Group that lost $338 million last year? The same Yellow Pages Group that is now spamming YouTube with ads… I shop locally and am familiar with local services on offer. So when I am looking for services not available in my neighbourhood but might be available downtown, and pick up the Yellow Pages, only to find no listings for downtown businesses, it doesn’t surprise me that YPG is losing money. It’s run by stupid people, which is why I put it in the GARBAGE when it arrives, bypassing the recycle bin, with the rest of the GARBAGE.

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