Google is Also Thinking About (Local?) Activity Streams

Found in Jeff Jarvis’ blog a few minutes ago:

Here at Aspen, the most inspiring idea I have heard came from Google’s Marissa Mayer, who went past the old web to imagine what’s next: not hyperlocal news sites but hyperpersonal news streams. Of course, we see the start of that in Facebook and Twitter. Mayer emphasized to the media folks at Aspen that they must go to where the people are and not expect the people to come to them (“if the news is that important, it will find me”). How does news become part of my stream?

via NewBizNews & Hyperpersonal news streams « BuzzMachine.

What it means: if Marissa Mayer is talking about activity streams, you can be sure this is top of mind at Google (she’s the Vice President of Search Product and User Experience).


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