AT&T Advertising Solutions 2Q 2009 Results: Operating Revenues Down 12.5%, Income Down 27.5%

AT&T released their second quarter 2009 results yesterday morning. Like Greg Sterling did, I had to dig down in the Statements of Segment Income (excel) document to find detailed information about their directory business. No information was directly provided in the press release.

Directory operating revenues were down 12.5% in Q2 2009 (vs. the quarter one year ago) at $1,231 million and segment income was down 27.5% (also vs. Q2 2008) at $314 million. No online advertising data was provided.

AT&T Yellow Pages Q2 2009 results 

In related news this week,

  • Yahoo! announced a partnership with AT&T Interactive (read to start selling Yahoo! local display ads to Yellow Pages advertisers. As the release says, “The agreement between AT&T Interactive and Yahoo! is the latest addition to the longstanding strategic relationship between AT&T and Yahoo!, which runs across many Yahoo! products and services, including portal and mobile services, as well as powering Yahoo! Local with advertiser content from”
  • introduced a new version of, the URL they acquired from Livedeal late last year. They’re experimenting with a more user-focused online directory site there, but nothing ground-breaking yet.
  • Finally, in a strange and ironic twist of editorial fate, the Yahoo! Small Business blog was explaining to its readers yesterday “When to Pull the Plug on Yellow Pages Advertising“. Bad timing guys!

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