Paris Transit Users To Pay With Their Cell Phones in 2010

According to French newspaper Le Monde, transit users in Paris will be able to access the subway, bus and region train systems with their cell phones at the end of 2010. Tickets/passes will downloaded on mobile devices via short-range wireless communications (NFC). The article mentions that tickets will be transferable between phones.

via Le “téléphone-ticket de transport” dès fin 2010 en Ile-de-France – Société – Le

What it means: thought that mobile devices were only about communications? Think again. As Research In Motion’s CEO Mike Lazaridis said yesterday, your mobile device will become your “wireless wallet.” It’s one of the reasons why they bought Certicom earlier this year, “to embed that kind of security in our devices to make sure that things like wireless banking becomes a reality, and to make sure that we have the rights to these security models that you feel comfortable keeping medical information on them, or your license on these devices, your passport on these devices, or your credit card on these devices, or your bank access on these devices.”


2 thoughts on “Paris Transit Users To Pay With Their Cell Phones in 2010

  1. Le paiement via téléphone cellulaire est chose courante en Europe depuis des années. Cependant, on ne verra pas cela de sitôt à la STM. Seules quelques stations de métro ont accès à la téléphonie sans fil et c’est seulement pour les clients des opérateurs ayant accepté de payer la STM pour le privilège d’offrir ce service.

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