AT&T's Directory Operating Revenues Down 10% in Q1 2009

via the official press release found on Yahoo! Finance.

AT&T Inc.  today reported first-quarter results highlighted by improved postpaid wireless growth with a substantial step up in integrated device penetration, double-digit increases in revenues from IP-based and strategic business services, and further AT&T U-verse TV subscriber gains. Advances in these areas and solid cost management largely offset continuing economic pressures on consumers and businesses.

AT&T’s first-quarter revenues totaled $30.6 billion, net income attributable to AT&T was $3.1 billion, diluted earnings per share totaled $0.53 and cash from operating activities totaled $7.9 billion.

What it means: you have to read through the whole release to find specific directory publishing data in the AT&T Q1 2009 results but once you find it, you see that Yellow Pages operating revenues in Q1 were at $1.249 billion, down 10.7% from Q1 2008. At a quick glance, no other information related to that side of the business can be extracted. I’ll try to listen to the analyst call.


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