Analysis: "Idearc seeks to repair directory business"

“Idearc seeks to repair directory business” via the Financial Times.

Labelling the sector’s problems as “a cyclical decline”, Mr Klein’s response has been to reposition Idearc as “the ad agency for small businesses”.

Its 3,000 sales people have been relabelled as “media consultants”, with changed compensation plans and simplified rate cards designed to drive clients to online and direct marketing services as well as directories.

Mr Klein has cut more than a fifth of Idearc’s staff to shave 10 per cent from costs. Now he is attempting to find growth through initiatives he equates with federal stimulus efforts.


That done, Mr Klein is looking for growth, predicting consolidation in the crowded directories market.

What it means: this Financial Times article mentions some of the strategic initiatives Idearc has taken to improve its corporate health. I also like the prediction from Scott Klein that the market will consolidate after these difficult times. I agree with this forecast.


2 thoughts on “Analysis: "Idearc seeks to repair directory business"

  1. Seb

    I was impressed with the re-invention that is going on at Idearc. I mentioned this on a blog post that I wrote a couple of weeks ago. After just attending the YPA convention in San Diego, I believe that Idearc is really on the right path with their Superguarantee program. The underlying theme that I saw stressed time and time throughout the conference was “Trust”; (trusted advisor, trusted media consultant, etc.) and I see the Superguarantee as striking a chord in the same vein. Nice meeting you and Paul at the conference.

  2. Drinking Kool Aid? Consolidation? Lol. No Fraud. Change in Control. He will make himself over 13 million from wiping away jobs, Verizon’s debt, the future of the company, meanwhile making more for India. Consolidation = Golden Parachute

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