ILM '08: A View From The Future

Mike Liebhold, Senior Researcher at [praized subtype=”small” pid=”b310e9ccb9408e6ef300f3815cb72366b8″ type=”badge” dynamic=”true”] (and also the place where Jane McGonigal works), gave us his perspective on the future of local media.

Big statements:

  1. Mobile is key.  Phones are now computers. In 5 years, everyone will be able to afford one of those new smart phones
  2. Devices will have increasing geo-location accuracy. It’s the first time we’re really seeing of a genuine mobile web
  3. Location tracking needs to happen on an adhoc basis.  It needs to be controlled by the user but people will opt-in to received commercial information
  4. The viewfinder on a camera/phone is the browser of the future. Snap a barcode or product logo and it will cue a search. Imagine a new layer of information around physical objects: a media wrapper (real or virtual)
  5. Newspapers.  One of their key assets is that they have a tradition of fine journalism and a expected level of quality
  6. Newspapers should service neighborhoods well, with precision content and precision advertising , very close to the point of purchase
  7. Local media needs to go deep into geo-demographics and geo-sociographics to finely tune your message
  8. Local web standards are coming: Georss, KML.  Make sure you build platforms using web standards
  9. Everything is becoming digital: social interactions, media experiences, commercial/commerce experiences, our work experience and our civic experience
  10. WiMax/LTE are coming quickly. Broadband gives us a high resolution experience, a rich media experience. Mobile devices will display and record HDTV by 2012.

What it means: Three comments: first, I’ve said many times before that newspapers going hyperlocal is one of the keys to their future (especially for regional papers). Second, aligning yourself with open local technology standards means long-term success.  Third, my brain is exploding (with ideas) from the concept of having “media wrappers” around products.  That’s a cool concept.


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