LeWeb ’08 Conference in Paris: Any of My Readers Going?

According to organizers, LeWeb conference is the #1 Internet event and conference in Europe. 1500 participants from 40 countries gather in Paris to listen to marquee guests (this year, it’s Paulo Coelho) and to exchange on a variety of subjects related to the Internet. This 5th edition will be in Paris on Dec 9th and 10th 2008.

You can see the agenda here and all other information on their main Website. 778 people (as I write this) have already registered.

I just received this special a discount code that I can share with my readers. Use BLOGDISCOUNT as a discount code and get 20% off the price of the conference. Until 20th of November, the price with the 20% reduction will be € 1196 (instead of € 1495), and from November 21st onwards € 1435.20 (instead of € 1794).


It sounds very interesting and I might be tempted to go. I’m wondering if any of the Praized blog readers are attending or thinking of going?


2 thoughts on “LeWeb ’08 Conference in Paris: Any of My Readers Going?

  1. I’m seriously considering going (I’m already in Prague, so it’s not far), but even coming from here the travel, hotel, and conference fee will be steep for a tiny startup like Nelso.

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