Speaking at the IAB’s MIXX Canada Toronto Event next Monday

IAB Canada MIXX Toronto

I will be presenting Praized Media to the attendees of the MIXX Canada Toronto conference on Monday September 29th. Organized by the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada, I will be part of a panel called “Innovation Upstarts: Made In Canada!” showcasing some interesting Canadian startups.  Will be on the panel with me:

  • Roy Pereira, Co-Founder, [praized subtype=”small” pid=”e09c04f4e8f99ad8896cf3810a1858a9″ type=”badge” dynamic=”true”]
  • Brendan Kenalty, Vice President, Hippopost.com
  • Wendy Robertson, Founder, [praized subtype=”small” pid=”c94f4b332f32b403214d1c07fb6d925bce” type=”badge” dynamic=”true”]

The sold-out event (approximately 600 attendees)  is happening at [praized subtype=”small” address=”true” pid=”820bcc1185d3f1bb0593fae4ac4347c9″ type=”badge” dynamic=”true”]. I’m in Toronto for less than 24 hours but if anyone is interested in meeting up, please ping me seb AT praized.com.


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