Where Will We Be In Five Years?

Mike Boland over at The Kelsey Group’s blog posted highlights of the “The Change Imperative” panel in which I was a participant. I was joined by Geoff Avard, GM, Strategy, Sensis, Perry Evans, President, CEO, Local Matters and Ken Ray, CMO, AT&T Publishing & Advertising.  Every question asked by Charles Laughlin and Neal Polachek started with “In five years, …” and all statements were designed to get a reaction out of the panelists and the attendees.

Examples included:

  • In five years, SEM bid pressure will rise to the point that advertisers will see more value in print advertising.
  • In five years, small businesses will use self service online advertising like AdWords to a much greater degree.
  • In five years, Like many of the rumors that continue to circulate, Google will have bought a yellow pages publisher to gain a direct local sales channel.
  • In five years, no one under 30 will be using the yellow pages.
  • In five years, more listings will be accessed by mobile than on the PC.
  • In five years, what will follow the iPhone as the next big thing?
  • In five years, where will you be?

You can see of our answers in the Kelsey Group blog including the one related to where I think I will be in five years…


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