What is “The Real Future of Yellow Pages”

Crystal ball

(flickr photo by Napalm filled tires)

I’m happy to announce I will be a panelist at the next Kelsey Group Conference, DMS 2008 . Happening next week in Atlanta, I will be sitting on a panel in the last session of the conference called “The Change Imperative“. I will debate with Geoff Avard, GM, Strategy, Sensis, my friend Perry Evans , President & CEO, Local Matters and Ken Ray, CMO, AT&T Publishing & Advertising “the real future of Yellow Pages. “

The bottom-line question from Kelsey: “What does the long-term future of directional media look like, and what are the respective roles for directory publishers, search engines and other key players?”

What it means: I’m honored to be sitting on a panel with distinguished industry luminaries like Geoff, Perry and Ken. This will be fun! I’d like to ask you, the Praized blog readers, what you think is the future of Yellow Pages and directional media. What are the big game changers coming up in the next five years?


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