More on Why Local is in the Zeitgeist: Localchoice Milk from Tesco

Why local is in the zeitgeist, proof # 286:

LocalChoice Milk, sold by UK supermarket giant Tesco, is a new line of milk that is produced by local farms and sold at local Tesco stores. Responding to customer requests to make it easier for them to buy food which is genuinely local to their area, Tesco has started paying a premium to smaller local farmers which is above the rate they are paying to farmers who supply their standard milk. This means that farmers supplying new ‘LocalChoice’ milk will receive up to GBP 0.22 per liter, which is one of the highest prices paid to any producer in Britain. The company assures their customers that LocalChoice will not only reduce food miles but will also provide confidence to shoppers that if they buy a local product, they are helping their local economy and local suppliers, in particular small, independent family farmers. The milk packaging is branded as LocalChoice, instead of as Tesco, and uses simple handwriting on the labels to underscore the regional value message. (source:

LocalChoice Milk Tesco UK

More info on Tesco’s regional sourcing strategy:

What it means: We’re seeing more and more examples of businesses/products built around the local angle. I think this trend is here to stay and will grow in the future. I believe that local search will play an important role in our future, as people realize there are hidden environmental and community costs associated with buying products manufactured/produced far from the point of purchase. It seems like this is an interesting communication angle for any local search media company, i.e. helping people make better local purchase decisions, supporting local communities, and improving the environment. Who wants to own this positioning?


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