Social Media: Don’t Assume Privacy!

(found on remarkk! blog )

Bell Canada Associate Director of Media Relations Jason Laszlo made a real boner move, boasting on Facebook of his ability to snow journalists with his network management bafflegab, referring to journalists as “lemmings” in a recent status update. Clearly a super-fun guy in real life (note colourful hat and armband tattoo), he further demonstrated the Bell Media Relations department’s apparent unfamiliarity with modern web tools by leaving his Facebook profile wide-open to the public to see. Oops. (…)

Jason Laszlo facebook profile

What it means: In another unfortunate situation where the assumption was that “what happens in Facebook (or other social networks) stays in Facebook”, Laszlo clearly assumed he was writing to his Facebook friends and not broadcasting to the world. Clearly, it was not the case and his message ended up reaching people outside his inner circle of friends. This should definitely be lesson for anyone working in the public eye (especially in public relations). After all, we are all becoming media through those new social media tools.


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