Startup Camp Montreal 2 is Announced


Just received a notice that the second edition of Startup Camp Montreal has been announced for May 15th at the Societe des Arts Technologiques (SAT). I attended the first edition and it was very interesting. More than 180 people showed up (140 entrepreneurs, 30 VCs and industry experts, 5 students and 5 organizers). I don’t think I’ll be able to attend as I will be in California that week but I definitely invite everyone interested in startups to register.

More info from the e-mail announcement:

Following the success of the first Startup Camp Montreal, we are happy to announce the second edition of the event scheduled for May 15th, 2008.

The second edition will be similar in format to the first with the following changes:

1) The top five startups selected to present at the event will have the opportunity to participate in a one-day pre-event workshop session. The goal being to have “pitch” experts help the companies prepare ahead of the event. The workshop will be hosted by Austin Hill, John Stokes, Vincent Guyaux, and 2 other VC / marketing experts.
2) Presenting companies will have 8 minutes to present, with 10 minutes of follow-up questions from the event Gurus and the audience.
3) We will have ambassadors on hand prior to the event and during the event to help with match making and networking.

The complete details for the event are posted at, however the basics are:

Date: Thursday May 15th, 2008
Time: 6pm-10pm (or later)
Location: SAT (

Registration is required, so please go to to register.


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