Local Tuesday: I’m all for it!

Chris Linnett over at the LocalPoint blog suggests that we should create a new milestone day during the holiday shopping season and he calls it Local Tuesday.

So today, we all know Black Friday and Cyber Monday as key annual milestones in this economy’s shopping season. Well those of us immersed in all things local need to unite and create yet another day for the pundits to notice. How about “LOCAL TUESDAY”? This would not be just a one-day wonder, but would symbolize the importance that local information and advertising have on purchases throughout the holiday season – and the entire year, for that matter. (…)

Point is, as much as Cyber Monday reflects a megatrend of dollars and shopping moving online, Black Friday reminds us that the vast majority of consumer retail spending is still occurring at local brick-and-mortar businesses. Local Tuesday would celebrate the fact that online and offline have merged and blended, both from the business and the consumer perspectives.

I’m all for it! Local shopping is good for the economy and the environment. We should underline its importance in our lives.


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