Highlights from the Kelsey Group/comScore Survey on User Reviews

Are user reviews important in local search? Data from the latest Kelsey Group/comScore survey presented today by Brian Jurutka from comScore seems to indicate it is critical from a user point of view as 24% of online consumers have used an online review site prior to buying an offline service in the last 3 months.  In addition, more than 75% of those review-informed purchasers cited online reviews as influential in their purchase decision process.

Kelsey ILM 07 Brian Jurutka 

Why are consumer reviews influential?

  • They are seen as unbiased 3rd party feedback
  • They are efficient
  • They provide an opportunity for feedback

Who writes reviews?

  • Broadband users, young professionals, 25-49. 46% of review users have contributed a review as well.

Why do consumers write reviews?

  • Helps other consumers (62%)
  • Gives me “consumer power” (44%)
  • It’s a fun activity (33%)
  • It helps me “get back” at a provider after experiencing poor service (24%)
  • I was compensated to do it. (19%)

Other highlights:

  • Better reviews drive higher revenues. Consumers were willing to pay 20% more for services that were rated 5 stars vs. 4 stars.
  • In addition, a significant portion of people were not willing to purchase from a 1-star place.
  • 97% believed the review was accurate post-sale.

Update: the official press release.


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