Local Online Conversations Outnumber IYP Searches 7-to-1

According to Keller Fay Group (via the Center for Media Research), there are 3.5 billion brand-related conversations per day in the U.S. 8% (280MM) of those are happening online. Let’s speculate for an instant. If 25% of those online conversations are local in nature, that means an impressive 70 million local conversations are happening online every day in the US in e-mails, instant messenging, blogs, forums, social networks and other online communities.

Let’s equate these conversations to local searches and compare them with ComScore “IYP” searches. According to this article from SearchEngineLand, these totaled 808MM in the US in Q1 2007. In a three-month period, 6.3 billion local conversations are potentially happening online. That’s 7 times the total “IYP” searches universe! And a whopping 35 times the total of the current leader, Yahoo!

Comscore IYP Searches

What it means: for anyone who doubted that local search was very fragmented online, I think these numbers speak for themselves. In addition, the ability to deploy a social media strategy for anyone operating in that space is key.


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