Agendize Atomizes Save & Share Social Functions

(from their press release, .pdf format)

With the launch of AgendiZeMe at DEMOfall 07, small- to medium sized businesses (SMBs) and entrepreneurs will now have easy, self-service access to the patented AgendiZe Call-to-Action Platform for click-to-call and click-to-save & share services that let customers effortlessly and instantly move information from Web sites, blogs, ads and emails onto more than 50 different applications and personal devices.

Agendizeme Agendize

What it means: one of the 2007 trends I had predicted last December is atomization. After signing large-scale wholesale deals with directory publishers worldwide to power an important social element of their local search sites (the Save & Share function), Agendize atomizes its tool and tries to tap into the long tail for new business opportunities. Any web site can now embed the save & share tool. Understanding that self-service is not a realistic option for quick adoption, the company hopes to strikes distribution deals with directory publishers to bundle this new offer within their other advertising packages. I think this product add-on makes sense if directory publishers can find a way to integrate it seamlessly in their current offers. It would allow publishers to claim additional trackable advertising ROI. The Kelsey Group blog has a great write-up on this news. You can also see Agendize’s presentation at Demofall 07 here. Disclaimer: I piloted the partnership agreement between Yellow Pages Group and Agendize a few years ago.


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