GeoPrism: Generate Local Leads From Satellite Imagery

(via OnlineMediaDaily)

Geospatial data integration company Geosemble announced GeoPrism, a lead generation service that is the first to use artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to automatically generate sales leads based on satellite imagery. Using Geosemble’s map fusion and image analysis technology, swimming pools, roofs in need of repair, cracked driveways, large open backyards, etc.–can be “seen” from above, and automatically cross-referenced with city parcel data to extract the names and addresses of their owners. The resulting data are then provided to manufacturers of swimming pools and cleaning supplies, yard furniture, storage unit manufacturers, landscapers, and even contractors vying to fill open spaces with garage and house additions and backyard offices. (…)

What it means: what a smart way to use and potentially monetize existing satellite data in a local context. These guys should try to partner with directory publishers (and vice-versa).


One thought on “GeoPrism: Generate Local Leads From Satellite Imagery

  1. 1. Is satellite imagery so fine-tuned now that we can see cracks in driveways?

    2. Is address location technology so fine-tuned that we can accurately tie a specific location on an image to a specific address (and, say, not its neighbour)?

    3. Aren’t there easier, pre-existing ways of finding out who has a swimming pool or large open backyard?

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