I Told You: “Robert Scoble IS Media”

Some people have been complaining this week that Robert Scoble is taking over their Facebook newsfeed after having added him as Facebook friend. They’re calling it “friend spam” and saying he hijacked their news feed. The blog comments seem to go in the same direction. They’ve even created a Facebook group called “Scoble’s Feed Victims” (which Robert joined as soon as it was created). Most people are not directly blaming Robert but more the way the Facebook newsfeed algorithm works.

But, in any case, remember my “Robert Scoble is Media” post from a few weeks back? Can I say I told you so? By inviting Robert Scoble to become your friend, he doesn’t become your “real friend”. 🙂 You become a subscriber to ScobleMedia, a feed of stuff he finds interesting (the same thing happens when you add me as a friend). He’s the editor and he broadcasts stuff. He’s obviously using trial and error, learning just like us about the way the Facebook newsfeed works. And this is also about conversation. If there’s stuff you find non-relevant in his feed, but you still find Scoble relevant, tell him! But if you don’t like what’s on Scoble TV, change the channel!


One thought on “I Told You: “Robert Scoble IS Media”

  1. I’ve been (informally) trying to figure out the FB News Feed algo for weeks… I know that not EVERYTHING is included (thank goodness) and I’ve noticed that I ALWAYS see news items from people I’ve interacted with recently (message, wall post, etc.) so I wonder if there’s a “relationship freshness” component to the algo beyond the user settings…
    I’ve pretty much got the “your groups” list algo cracked – it was easy… edit, edit, edit…

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