Facebookcamp Toronto: Tonight!

I’m finally back from my vacation and caught up with my e-mails. Tonight, I’ll be attending the first ever Facebookcamp in Toronto (also called Facebook Developer Garage in Facebook).

Toronto was for the longest time the city with the most Facebook users but was recently overthrown by London. “Canadians account for more than 10 per cent of the site’s total population and according to web measurement firm ComScore, in June 2007, 11.4 million Canadians logged onto Facebook, compared with only 343,000 in the same period last year.”

Initiated by my friend Colin Smilie, who recently left Trader Media Canada to start his own business, the event has now grown into humongous proportion with 383 confirmed guests signing up by word-of-mouth in the last few weeks. The un-conference is at MaRS Discovery District. BTW, my friend Sylvain Carle is organizing a Facebookcamp Montreal this Fall.

What it means: yet another proof of the strength of social media. By starting the event, Colin managed to get the attention of the Facebook people (who will be presenting tonight and are sponsoring the conference) and signed up almost 400 people, a large crowd by any measure. If you’re attending and you’d like to connect with me, shoot me an e-mail ( seb AT praized.com).


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