Positive Reaction to my “Robert Scoble is Media” Post

Great reaction yesterday and today from the blogosphere on my “Robert Scoble is Media” post, starting with Robert himself:

Sebastien Provencher, senior manager strategy and business development at Yellow Pages Group, Canada’s leading directory publisher, figured out what I was doing on Facebook in a post that says “Robert Scoble is Media.” If he had stopped there he would have only figured out half of the story. But he ends up writing “I am media as well.” Bing! Bing! Bing! See, what’s cool about Facebook is that for the first time I can see all of you and anything you publish on your Facebook profile also comes to ME. In five words he nailed Facebook and why this thing has such huge value.

Thanks for the acknowledgment and sorry for “outing” your Facebook secret… 🙂

The Praized blog got 10 times its usual Saturday traffic (on track to get 8x my regular Sunday traffic) and I seem to have hit a nerve with a lot of people interested in social media. The positive reaction I got tells me I’m definitely unto something but it also left me with many more questions. I hope to reflect on them in the next few weeks.

Amongst them:

1) how do we define “friends” now? And should Facebook create closed networks (within your larger network) for traditional friends & family? As a local search guy, I’ve always been interested in “trusted sources” (i.e. word of mouth) and I think that might be the beginning of a definition. I’ve already exchanged a couple of e-mails with Robert on this one and I’ll ask him for permission to share his thoughts on the “friends” definition.

2) Given the high-level of fragmentation, how do we manage all these new communication channels from an outbound messaging perspective?

3) And how do we filter the incoming messages i.e. what’s zeitgeist, what’s fringe and what’s noise?

4) and last (and not the least as it is my specialty), how does this impact traditional media?

Feel free to let me know how you feel about those questions.


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