Cartoon Network to Distribute Cartoons on Videogame Consoles

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

The Cartoon Network’s new-media arm is expanding its games distribution to video game consoles through a new browser application developed at AFI’s Digital Content Lab. By early 2008, the new “Mega Series” window will deliver an interactive video and gaming experience to such broadband-enabled consoles as Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Nintendo’s Wii as well as to PCs. Additionally, the application can be adapted for distribution to a broad array of devices, including mobile phones.

Cartoon Network is the first television network to use Adobe’s Flash technology to reach the massive console audience. Mega Series programming will be based on Cartoon Network and Adult Swim TV shows. The content is being designed to be played simultaneously with streaming video and delivered episodically over time. Ross Cox, senior director of entertainment products, Cartoon Network New Media, said this initiative effectively demonstrates how the console browser can be utilized as a new distribution platform.

In related news, Animation Magazine talks about a new cartoon series from Comedy Central called “Lil’ Bush”. It’s promoted as “the first original mobile program to migrate to primetime TV”.

What it means: Cartoon Network clearly sees the potential of these new home entertainment devices that connect to the Web. BTW, Merrill Lynch is forecasting that by the year 2011, nearly 30 percent of all U.S. households will own a Wii. They believe it will reach a third of Japanese households. So, make sure your content is available for these new platforms. On the “Lil’ Bush” news, I like the concept of building something online (or mobile) and then porting it to offline (TV in this case) if it’s successful. A great way to trial for without spending huge TV production budgets.


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