Eniro Signs Content Deal with Google

Google Maps -  Eniro content

The Eniro Group and Google have signed an agreement for an expanded partnership. The new agreement means that company information from Eniro will also be visible on Google Maps, Google’s local map service, which is launched today in Sweden.

“Expanding the partnership with Google is part of our continuing effort to enhance online advertisers’ visibility and increase the value of their participation in our channels. We are very pleased to have signed this agreement,” says Tomas Franzén, President and CEO of Eniro.

Google and Eniro have had a partnership since 2003 through which Eniro’s web searches are based on Google’s web indexing. Google is also a partner for paid search.

(via company press release)

Update: the Google Maps blog has the news.

What it means: in a fragmented online world, make sure your content is pushed in front of users, wherever they are. The Walled Garden era is clearly over. Great move by Eniro.


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